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The best variations of Online Whist

By playing online whist on free online games sites, you can run into many variations of whist card game. We suggest you to find the variation of online whist which best suits your style of play, so you can enjoy every aspect of this exciting card game.

• Bid Whist: a variation of online whist, in which trump isn't randomly selected, but depends on the initial bidding; the initial bidding determines if high-rank or low-rank cards win the tricks, too. Ace's ranking can vary, as well.
• Blob Whist: a variation of whist in which the players try to predict the numbers of tricks they'll make; up to 5 players can play, with 6 cards each; the player to the left of the dealer choose the trump (if any).
• Boston Whist: a variation of whist played in 19th century Europe which has a bidding tricks feature; it's famous for being played by Count Rostov in Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace.
• Call-Ace Whist: a variation of online whist, extremely popular in Denmark; the player who bids the highest number of tricks get to choose the trump, and he choose his/her partner by calling an Ace (not the trump one).

Whist variations on Whistonline.net
• Catch the Ten: also known as "Scotch Whist", this variation of whist (of german origin) only uses half the deck (cards goes from 6 to A); the value-ranking is the same of classic whist, but as for score points, 10 is the most valuable card.
• Double Sir (or Double Trumps): very popular in India and Pakistan, but also played in Souht-Asia, in this variation of online whist, a player con claim a trick (i.e. take the cards) only if he/she wins two consecutive tricks: in this case, the player can capture all the previous unclaimed tricks.
• Dummy Whist: a variation of Bid Whist, in which three players play whist.
Knock-Out Whist: a simplified variation of whist, which is often used to explain whist rules to children; it's a last-one-standing kind of game: the player who wins most of the tricks get to choose the trump for the next hand, while the player who scores no trick is eliminated from the game.
• Minnesota Whist: a variation of online whist in which there are no trumps; depending on the initial bidding, the goal of the game is to take as many tricks as possible (7 or more), or as few tricks as possible (6 or less).
• Solo Whist: having its ancestor in the spanish card game Hombre, in this variation of online whist a player often plays against the other three; players can bid to win 5, 9, 13 tricks or to lose every trick.
• Vint: also knon as Russian Whist, it spread in Finland, as well; in this varation of whist every player can bid a number of tricks he/she intend to win, and bid the trump, as well; the bidding continues until everyone passes twice (including the player who made the last bid); the player with the highest bid chooses the trump suit, and the player sat in front of him/her plays as his/her partner.