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Online Whist strategies: how to win

Strategies to win at whist on Whistonline.net

In Bid Whist game, it's important to communicate with the partner. Even if you can't verbally communicate with your partner, it's nonetheless possible to indicate the partner in what suit we have a winner other than the trump. For example, you can play a card from a strong suit in your hand when you're out of the trump suit.
Let's say that in a match of online whist, trumps is spades (), and it's an high-cards-win hand.
If a player has strong clubs () cards (A♣, K♣ or Q♣), when that player runs out of trumps, the next time spades are played, he can play a low clubs card. By doing this, he's telling the partner he's strong in clubs.

Skilled online Whist players usually "pull" trumps. This means they start playing cards of the trump suit, to pull all the opponents' trumps. Once trumps are "pulled",he can then start playing his strong suit. A strong online whist player won't play trumps when the opponents do not have anymore trumps; he will save his/her trumps to cut a strong suit played by an opponent.
Not pulling trumps from the opponent isn't generally a winning strategy in bid whist

Let's say the trump is hearts (), and we have a strong diamonds () suit (A♦, K♦ and Q♦), while the opponent has a lousy trump card (for example, 4) and no diamonds.
If we play one of our diamonds, the opponent will use his/her trump to take the trick; then he can play his/her strong suit, leading the game.
It's a far better online whist strategy to pull out the opponent's trump, then play our strong suit, diamonds.

This is but one of the many winning strategies appliable when playing Bid Whist. As any other strategy, players need to become acquainted wiht the game flow, and gain some experience in the card game. That's only possible when playing in free online whist game sites, which we present in our Whist online page.