Whist and other online card games on Ludopoli.us

Free Online Whist: where to play

A lot of free online card games sites spawned recently, which either let you play card games for free, or by subsribing and paying a monthly (or yearly) fee. Some of these online games websites let users play online whist, either classic whist, or any of the variations of online whist.
Among the online card games sites we tested, we suggest you one, which for the variety of game options, and for the exciting variation of whist presented, seems to be one of the best online games sites.


Online whist for free at Ludopoli.us
Ludopoli is an online games sites, which offer a number of card games for the users to be played for free: Buraco, Kalooki 40, Poker Hold'em, Gin Rummy, italian card game Tressette, Scopone, but also Chess, and – obviosly – free online whist.
The graphic is simple but refined, and the cards are easy to see, while the interface is very user friendly. Users can play games in relax mode (without risking any point for losing), or in ranking-mode, which let the winning user gain points to climb the rankings. The ability level of the player is easily understood by the animal-based icons.

As for the online whist Ludopoli offers, it's a variation of whist in which a different number of cards (from 4 to 10) are dealt depending on the number of players (2 to 6) and the number of hands played; players must predict the number of tricks they'll win, and they'll be penalized if they do not win the guessed number of tricks. It's possbile to play online whist with or without a trump suit.
With this many options, the variation of online whist which can be played at Ludopoli is a real battle of wits, and let a player who has a bad hand win the game, by bidding 0 or 1 trick. We highly suggest this online card games site, which offer a highly entertaining free online whist experience.