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Said to be born in England around the 17th century, whist was a very popular card game in 18th and 19th century, when it was replaced by Bridge.
The popularity of whist amongst the other card games can be easily understood by noting its appearance in novels and other literary works, or in movies. Despite its decline in popularity, whist remain a very popular card game in England, where whist tournaments (named whist drive) are regularly held.
Today, thanks to the spreading of online games sites, whist (along with its variations) is rapidly becoming more and more popular, thanks to its apparent simplicity, and the great logic and reasoning skills whist requires.
We created this website to spread online whist, which can be played on online card games sites. We intend to advise you on the best online whist sites, and to offer some pages about online whist rules, the history of whist, online whist variations, and some curiosities about whist.